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Your first class ticket to the moon

Provide liquidity and be rewarded like never before with AerMiles; the farming and staking platform from AerDrop.

Presale Amount

-Total Supply: 1 million AerMiles
-Token Presale - 100K AerMiles Allocated

-1 BNB = 400 AerMiles
-250 BNB HardCap

Emission Schedule:

10% of total supply or 100 K new AERMiles will be minted during the presale, which will be hosted on the AerDrop DApp. Emissions start at 45k per month 1st month, decline by 20% in month 2, then 2.5% per month through month 10, then 3% per month.


AerMiles is redefining inflationary reward tokens by delivering a feature rich platform that is filled with deflationary aspects to curb supply and deliver value to our Hodlers.

Why $AerMiles?

AerDrop Finance gives the opportunity to anyone and everyone to be a part of the DeFi revolution and start earning by utilizing their crypto assets that would otherwise be sitting idle and not generating any profits. AerMiles is designed to work in tandem with the native AerDrop coin, to maximize your gains utilizing farming and staking technology.

Don't let your coins collect dust in your wallet; put them to work and watch your money grow!

How to buy $AerMiles?

AerMiles is currently only available in Presale and exclusively available at aermiles.com; do not send BNB to any other address!

What is farming?

Farming is the method of adding funds to a token's Liquidity Pool for a set amount of time, and then earning interest which is paid for by trading fees.

Farms require a duo of coins (for example, AerMiles & BNB) to be paired then minted into an LP token. LP tokens are then deposited into farms for a set amount of time chosen by the user.

This method generates the most possible returns, but incurs more risk versus staking due to Impermanent Loss.

Read more about Impermanent Loss here

What is staking?

Staking is the process of locking up tokens into a pool for a set amount of time chosen by the user. It is a simple, and straightforward way to earn a passive income for tokens you already hold.

The reward for staking is less compared to farming; however it is a better choice for risk adverse users.